Yagurli Tours

Authentic and Traditional Tours

Owned and operated by Gangalidda and Garawa Peoples

Yagurli Tours, owned and operated by the Gangalidda and Garawa Peoples, will delight visitors to the region with river cruises, tag-along with various 4WD tour options and stargazing with a cultural twist!


Your guide will share Dreamtime stories of the Gandalidda People and their time-honoured interpretation of the universe during this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover the true brilliance of our solar system, shining from total darkness in skies free from light pollution.

Sunset River Cruise

Experience the magic of an outback sunset, glowing vivid shades of crimson as you cruise the calm waters of Albert River observing the unique wildlife of Gulf Country by dusk. 

Tag Along 

Discover the historical and natural wonders of Gulf Country as you traverse Australia’s largest area of salt pans,


Discover historical and culturally significant sites along the way to the mouth of the iconic Albert river, while developing appreciation for traditional fishing practices and the deep culture associated with the rivers, passed down through many generations by the traditional owners of the land.

Off The Beaten Path, And Worth It