About our PBC

Prescribed Bodies Corporate

Providing native title and related services to its members and to the Gangalidda & Garawa native title holders

Gangalidda & Garawa Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (GGNTAC) provides native title and related services to its members and to the Gangalidda & Garawa native title holders. GGNTAC was established in 2010 to act as agent Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) following native title determinations QUD84/2004 and QUD66/2005. Since that time, the Corporation has established a number of wholly owned subsidiaries and businesses.

GGNTAC has a 10 member Board of Directors that meets at least quarterly.

PBCs are registered with the Office of Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) and which have prescribed functions under the Native Title Act 1993 (NTA) to:

  • hold, protect and manage determined native title in accordance with the objectives of the native title holding group; and
  • ensure certainty for governments and other parties interested in accessing or regulating native title land and waters by providing a legal entity to manage and conduct the affairs of the native title holders

In addition to performing its native title statutory functions, GGNTAC seeks to:

  1. Undertake economic and development projects that support and facilitate Indigenous owned businesses; and
  2. Continue to manage Gangalidda and Garawa land and sea resources to protect the region’s biodiversity.

You can find more information about our Corporation on the ORIC website. See: http://register.oric.gov.au/do...

For more general information about PBCs see: http://nativetitle.org.au