Jigija Fire Training Program

Wild fire management and mitigation training

A unique opportunity for us to share our traditional knowledge of fire

The Jigija Indigenous Fire Training Program is a GGNTAC business that provides wild fire management and mitigation training on the traditional country of the Gangalidda People, where we are able to conduct controlled burns and demonstrate planning for fire management across different landscapes.

Our course provides a unique opportunity for us to share our traditional knowledge of fire, together with practical lessons that are relevant to contemporary fire management across Australia. During the program, participants are introduced to and assessed on the application of our Gulf Savannah Fire Management Guidelines and have the opportunity to view and understand the fire landscapes of the southern Gulf of Carpentaria. We also instruct participants on the importance of using fire to manage pasture, seasonal burning and the importance of burn frequency and intensity.

While there is an increasing recognition of the efficacy of Indigenous fire knowledge and practice across Australia, the Jigija Indigenous Fire Training Program offers a practical way to integrate such insights with conventional fire management strategies. Our courses are suitable for fire practitioners, fire volunteers, Indigenous rangers, pastoralists and the mining industry.

For more information see: http://www.jigija.com.au/about

Fighting Fire with fire

Learn how our ancestors used fire to reduce bush fires and maintain ecological diversity.

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