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Our Vision

Our vision is to empower our people as the Traditional Owners to manage our land and waters of our diverse region in a sustainable manner based on our traditional laws, culture and knowledge in collaboration with our government and non-government partners for the benefit of the whole community.

We belong to this country and it belongs to us. We have cared for it across the millennia and will continue to do so until time's end. Although we faced the brunt of European occupation in northern Australia with massacres and other atrocities forced upon our people, we were never fully dispossessed of land and have always maintained our connections to country.

The term "nijinda durlga" means me, or my, land where I belong and I sit down:

Nijinda - Me or my

Durlga - Land where I belong and I sit down

This represents the vision we have for the management of our country under our own terms.

Objectives of the Gangalidda Garawa Indigenous Protected Area

Our vision articulates our desire for the management of our country. We will achieve our vision through the following means:

  • 1

    To manage the land, waters and natural resources of our country in a culturally appropriate and environmentally sustainable manner;

  • 2

    To advocate for our rights, interests and responsibilities across our country in relation to activities that impact upon our land and waters;

  • 3

    To promote education, training and employment of our people in traditional and contemporary land and sea management practices, natural resource management and conservation activities;

  • 4

    To promote, for the primary benefit of our people, the responsible development of commercial and other enterprises associated with the use and management of our land and waters;

  • 5

    To promote the continuation of our culture, knowledge and language and protect our intellectual property rights; and

  • 6

    To actively educate the wider non-Indigenous community about our responsibilities to care for our country, specifically in traditional and contemporary land management practice, cultural heritage and conservation activities.

If we can successfully meet the challenges ahead using these objectives, our children and the generations to come, will inherit a vibrant environment and prosperous economy.